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Whether you are working in eCom (like me) or any type of internet marketing

You HAVE to keep evolving to the latest technology - AND keep on top of the latest marketing tactics - In order to continue to have a thriving business AND stay ahead of your competition.

In the competition race... It's not how well you start... It's how well you continue... And ultimately, how well you finish. But staying ahead of the game isn't easy! There’s a minefield of information out there - And knowing which ones to try out…

And sifting out the gold from the rocks is a time-consuming and costly business… So you COULD spend the time, effort and money it takes to weed out the very best and most importantly SUCCESSFUL techniques, tips and information… You COULD spend countless days trialling and testing - (When you could be doing the things you REALLY want to be doing!)

You COULD spend the thousands of dollars each month it costs to invest in the latest information

(Or you could spend that money on the things you and your family want and need instead…)

You see, time and money are both precious… So use them wisely. Good, reliable information costs - but is invaluable to the continued success of your business! So get the BEST and most PROFITABLE information - for the cheapest possible investment.

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Over the past 5 years, I have built a very successful online business. And now I’m going to help you to do the same. Every month I personally invest $1,000s in testing new ideas in order to find out what is working and how I can implement these to grow my business and my profits further.

I also, take at least 5 days a month with my team to conduct this research and testing to make sure my business not only keeps up with all industry practices, but sits at the very top of them.

I realize that although it’s results and affects are undeniable - (a company growing at 300% per year) Not everybody has the time, team or resources to be able to do the same.

So, because you are now a valued member of the Viral Nova Pro community...

I’ve chosen to invest in your success. I genuinely want you to be able to get your business not only up and running…

Not just surviving - But thriving. AND save you all the time, money and effort it takes to sift out those real, true gold nuggets amongst the overwhelming amount of dud rocks out there!

The Cash Hive


When you sign up for my exclusive VIP membership site, you have instant access to: A non stop supply the best up-to-date information that I am implementing in my business on a day to day basis.

As a member of The Cash Hive, you will have a constantly updated hub of information at your fingertips, which will keep your brand new subscription business at the very cutting edge of the industry and one step ahead of your competition.

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Full access to my 7 step video trainings – The key to going from newbie to $10K per month earner in just a few weeks.   Hours of step-by-step, easy to follow, easy to action video training.

Access to the 7 Wonders of Internet Success Webinar which provides live detailed trainings on the seven steps to success, to reaffirm your direction and keep you moving towards success fast !

Webinar Q&A Videos including instant full access to the 7 Wonders of Internet Success Webinar Q&A Videos.

Access to all of my articles, including: insider tips, inspirational stories, my journal, and marketing advice – new articles added every week

The “Ask Jon” video archives – Each week I share my years of knowledge by answering business questions put forward by the public.

‘Product Recommendation of the week” – where possible this will include either special bonuses for you, or a discounted price.

Access to all the Q&A videos from the "Adrenaline Shot" webinars – updated weekly, which answers detailed questions about specific areas of the subscription business, giving you detailed insider knowledge.

Access to my daily master motivations emails.

All of my blog posts.

Access To Your Personal Member Page – Connect With Me Directly Via This Page. Here Content Can Be Completely Customized To Help You With Your Specific Business Needs.

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In Summary You Will Be Getting The Most Cutting Edge, Proven Strategies And Tools That I Am Using In My Business And That Can Be Easily Replicated By You.

Saving You A Minimum of 5 Days Per Month And $1000's in Testing Costs All for Just $24 Per Month !

Remember this site is constantly updated with the very latest strategies, technology and sales models that I painstakingly pre-test and have found to work to maximize profit on a day to day basis in my business.

The testing time alone takes at least 5 days per month, not to mention the $1000's I spend to ensure these brand new strategies produce positive results that YOU can replicate.

Now of course you could do this work for yourself. But I'm thinking you didn't get ...

... into Internet Marketing to spend your precious time doing the hard graft yourself right?

So, allow me and my team to do the heavy lifting for you… And I’ll give you back those 5 days of precious time for just $24. ($24 for 5 extra days free a month is a pretty sound investment!)

Not to mention the $1,000s it usually costs every month to sift out the gold-dust from the rocks. So it’s a WIN WIN.

You can STILL get the sustained results you and your business deserve… Without any of the time, effort and cost it normally takes. So remember your time is precious - Make wise choices with it. I look forward to being part of your wisdom and your success.

Get This Director Level Access

For Just $24/month or $97/year

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VNP Cash Hive Membership Yearly
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